Budour Alsuwayeh
Dar Aluloom University
Interior Design Engineer Instructor

The first that I have noticed in Tiraz project is that it is different. From an engineer point of view, the use of space was impressive. I find the design to be utilizing the space smartly.

Onag McDonnell
Dar Aluloom University
Interior Design Engineer Lecturer

DAU architecture department had arranged a field trip to visit Tiraz Gardens project. In this trip, the students had the chance to see the early phases of designing and development, the middle stages and the final product. Having a mock up ready that is furnished and finished, gave the students a practical perspective that they can link with when they design.
The trip was a practical demonstration to how the students have to learn to listen to the needs and the requirements of the clients and incorporate those needs in the design.
I liked about the project that it has an open feel to it, the balconies and the windows allow the sunlight which is something different from what is available in the market.

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