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About us

Tiraz values a commitment to quality and sustainability, building communities with a focus on creating a better future.


To lead the market by delivering the highest standards of quality and fine designs in both residential and specializeddesigns property by being innovative, flexible and creative.


To be the region´s most distinctive real estate developer in delivering properties with exquisite designs and shaping investment opportunities.


We believe that being a successful real estate developer takes more than building properties.


/ Dedication

To deliver the finest designs that are unique to the market.


/ Credibility

By placing our investors and customers benefit as a priority and a factor to consider in decision making.


/ Value Creation

Our decision making process is always based on our commitment to add value to the market.


/ Innovation

We are always looking for creative ways to improve our services and create better experiences for our customers.

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and Impactful.

Tiraz was incorporated in 2010. Since then, we committed ourselves to take part of the real estate expansion and growth in Saudi Arabia.
Here at Tiraz, we are devoted to delivering exceptional and high levels of fine designs and high quality properties.
Given our highly talented engineers and skilled management team, we have proven ourselves to be one of the prominent real estate developers in the region.
At Tiraz, we believe that developing a property is a journey of partnership with our customers starting from understanding their preferences, developing properties that exceed their expectations and assisting them in choosing their suitable financer.
We consider our genuine relationship with banks and financial institutions to be one of our main assets that make our services to our customers and investors rewarding.

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