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Chief Executive of the Saudi Franci Capital Walid Patani announced the near completion of the mode Avenue project during a ceremony held to inaugurate the villa model «Sample Villa »
A real estate projects of the Fund Saudi Fransi of the property, consisting of 54 villas, northwest of Riyadh, the project is the result of a strategic partnership between both Saudi Fransi Capital, through its fund investment «Saudi Fransi Real Estate Fund» «locked investment fund is compatible with the provisions of the law» as a director of the Fund and the Tiraz Alarabia «developer and marketer» where the ceremony was attended by the chief executive of the Saudi French Capital Walid Pattani, and members of the Management and partners of Tiraz Alarabia company, during the ceremony outlined Qusai AlFakhiri Managing  Partner model for some of the project features, saying the project was developed on the land with an area of ​​18,600 square meters in 10 different modern designs distributed cutting area «300 375 450 square meters» and Bmstahat building range from 337 to 570 meters multiple square where basic services and entertainment such as swimming pools and landscaping and the cellar dweller to provide an ideal environment for living.

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