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Tiraz Al Arabia won the  Best Developer for 2016 Award by Entrepreneur magazine “issued by (BNC) , during the ceremony, which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, where  Mr. Qusai Al Fakhri  the executive partner of Tiraz of Mr. Khalid Al Muqairin Deputy chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and industry in the presence of a large gathering of businessmen and officials in the government and business sectors.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Sarhan, chairman of Tiraz Al Arabia said that the win came through our vision of the future and our strategy to contribute to the march of real estate development in the Kingdom to cope from the Government´s vision, and what their state of unremitting efforts in the sector real estate development to have a distinct role in Urban and economic development of the state, attracting many of the projects and foreign investment, promising, “adding that the company adopts a long history of real estate experience, and that had a clear role in the real estate landscape of the country, and provide for the needs of this sector in more than important event. Mr.Abdullah Sarhan also expressed his thanks to all the employees of the company, which came thanks to God and the concerted efforts of the company´s team, who confirmed that excellence and success is the result of teamwork

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