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In 2016 the global financial landscape poses many challenges and the conference will debate if and discuss how the Kingdom can face them with its customary resilience.

It will start with the macro-economic outlook, looking at oil strategy and global markets, fiscal policy and the economic reform programme. Then move on to the future of the Kingdom’s debt and equity markets and the lessons learned from the opening of the stock market to qualified foreign investors. We will also discuss other important sectors in the Kingdom such as real estate; corporate and private equity, SMEs, healthcare and education – and determine whether they are really countercyclical investment opportunities. Last but not least will be infrastructure – what’s next for the Middle East’s largest projects market?In 2015 Euromoney and the Ministry of Finance were jointly honoured to mark a decade of the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference. This is the largest financial and investment conference not just in Saudi Arabia, but in the region. Over the years this flagship event has brought together key policy makers, CEOs, financiers and investors. It has attracted tens of thousands of delegates, hundreds of speakers and unparalleled global and regional media coverage. It has become a fixed date in the calendar of finance professionals around the world.

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